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Inexpensive best skills for career growth in 2022

Inexpensive best skills for career growth in 2022
  1. problem-solving

  2. creative thinking

  3. written & oral communication

  4. leadership

  5. collaboration & teamwork

  6. initiative & entrepreneurship

  7. digital technology


The skills that will make you more valuable to employers and help you grow your career are very different from the "hard" skills that get you your first job. While it's essential to know how to do the tasks required of your role, it's equally vital that you can think creatively, communicate well with others and lead effectively. These are the 21st-century skills that will help you have a flourishing career:


Problem-solving is a skill that can be learned, improved, and applied to many different situations. It's essential to know how to think about problems in a structured way so that you can identify the root cause of issues and develop strategies for dealing with them.


creative thinking

To be successful in the 21st century, you need creative thinking skills. Creative thinkers are not just dreamers—they are problem solvers who use their imagination to solve problems in new and innovative ways. Creative thinking is essential because it allows us to see things from different perspectives and find solutions to issues we never thought of before.

Creative thinkers develop new ideas, products, processes, and services. They look at what's happening around them and then apply their creativity by creating something better or more effective than what currently exists.

written & oral communication

Good communication is one of the most essential skills in your career. It's also a skill that can be improved with practice and feedback.

A great way to get good at communicating is to write down everything you want to say, then read it aloud. If it doesn't sound good when spoken aloud, then try again!

You can also ask friends or co-workers for more feedback on how they feel about what you've written or said. If they ask questions or make suggestions, think about why those changes would help improve your work before making them!



Leadership is a skill. It's not about being the boss or even having a leadership position. It's about influencing others and making them better, whether your team or the entire company.

A good leader knows that she doesn't have all the answers, but she needs to be willing to ask questions and listen to her employees' perspectives (and not just when they're saying what she wants to hear). A great leader can admit when something didn't work out as planned—and then take steps to ensure it works next time!

Leaders don't shy away from difficult conversations; they welcome them as personal and professional growth opportunities. They also can make tough decisions without worrying about how those decisions will affect their relationships with peers or superiors because they know that everyone on their team is working toward the same goal: success for themselves and our company overall."

collaboration & teamwork

Collaboration and teamwork are fundamentally important in the workplace. When we work together, we can accomplish more than when we work alone.

Collaborating with others gives you an opportunity to build relationships and make connections that might not have been possible if you were working all on your own. Collaborating also helps us learn new skills, which can help us grow as individuals and professionals in the future.

Collaboration is a skill that takes time to develop—but once you have some experience under your belt, collaborating becomes more accessible and more natural. The key is learning to get along with other people who may be very different from you!

initiative & entrepreneurship

Initiative and entrepreneurship are two career growth skills that help you take action without being asked, which are essential to success in the workplace.

Initiative means that you can take action without being asked or told. This can be challenging for some people because they're used to having someone tell them what to do and when to do it. Still, the initiative is essential for career growth because it helps you get ahead of your boss so that he or she will realize how valuable an employee you are.

Entrepreneurship is another excellent skill for career growth because it lets you start new projects or businesses within your company—which is suitable for personal growth and the bottom line! If something is missing from work, an entrepreneurial person could create it themselves rather than wait for management approval; this kind of thinking makes everyone more efficient at their jobs by reducing unnecessary tasks (and therefore wasted time).

digital technology

digital technology

Digital technology is a crucial skill for the future. Digital technology is about using computers and other devices to communicate, collaborate and learn. It includes social media, cloud computing, mobile devices, virtual reality (V.R.), augmented reality (A.R.), and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

To succeed as a modern professional, you must understand digital technology and how you can use it in your job or career.

These are the skills that employers are looking for.

These are the skills that employers are looking for. They will help you grow in your career, get a raise, and get promoted.


Many more skills to learn and practice will help you grow your career. But these are some of the most important ones to master if you want to stay competitive in today's job market. The good news is that they aren't just for millennials—anyone can develop these skills over time with practice and persistence!


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