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the top 5 best and highest paying Translation companies in 2022


If you're looking for translation work, knowing which agencies pay well is essential. Here are some of the top paying Translation Companies on the market right now:

best paying Translation Companies in 2022 here are they:

CTS LanguageLink

CTS LanguageLink is one of the best Translation Companies in the world. They've been around since 1996 and have more than 2,000 employees. Their number of clients has reached over a million people. CTS LanguageLink has offices in over 50 countries, which are still growing! If you want to work as a translator for CTS LanguageLink.


TransPerfect is a global Translation company and interpretation agency that provides language services to private clients, corporate clients, and government agencies. The company has a network of more than 2,000 linguists in 100 locations worldwide. TransPerfect also offers document translation services, scanning and translating business cards using their proprietary software.

Trados Studio (designed to help translators work together on projects).

Don't miss this chance to get your foot in the door at one of the most innovative agencies!


Welocalize is a global agency that offers translation services, localization, and multilingual support. Founded in 2000, Welocalize has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions to provide language solutions for more than 2,000 clients worldwide. The company offers its clients professional linguists who can deliver high-quality translations of any kind of content into any language.

The primary services provided by Welocalize include:

  • Translation companies - Localization - Multilingual Support

Translation companies Services

With an experienced team of over 6,000 linguists worldwide and a network of local partners closer to you than anyone else in the industry, We offer you expert knowledge applied directly to your project needs at every point, from the initial concept stage to the final implementation.

Our process includes translation quality control processes, including management review for each file produced by our translators and automated checks on grammar/spelling, etc.

then finally delivered back via FTP or SFTP connection (secure file transfer protocol).


Lionbridge is an international language services provider and global language technology and services, leader. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Lionbridge has offices in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

To learn more about how to become a translator for Lionbridge.


SDL is a Translation company based in the UK. It's a publicly-traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange, and it's also the world's largest language services provider, with over 1,500 employees worldwide.

SDL is also a member of the Association of Language Companies (ALC). This organization promotes best practices in Translation companies and localization services through training programs and publications like the ALC Handbook:

Translation company's Standards & Guidelines for Language Service Providers (a must-read!), events like ALTA Conference & Expo, and much more.


Lingo24 is a Translation company but also a high-paying one. If you're looking for an excellent workplace, look no further than Lingo24. They pay their employees well, treat them right, and offer great benefits.

Day Translations

Day Translations is a translation agency that offers services in over 100 languages. It has been providing high-quality language solutions since 2000. Its services encompass software localization, website localization, and desktop publishing localization.

Day Translations is a global provider of translation and localization services with offices worldwide: the US (California), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid), and South Korea(Seoul). Since its foundation in 2000, Day Translations has become one of the most successful providers of high-quality language solutions.

Day Translations provides Translation companies in more than 100 languages, including English into German or German into English; French into Spanish or from Spanish into French; Italian into Korean or Korean into Italian; Japanese into Russian or from Russian into Japanese, etcetera...


Gengo is a translation agency that provides translation services to businesses and individuals. It is one of the top translation companies in the world. Gengo's translation team consists of over 100,000 translators, who are native speakers from over 150 countries around the world.

To become a translator at Gengo, you have to submit your resume and cover letter through their website. After which, they'll do an initial review and then get back to you with more details on how to proceed with applying for a job there.

Straker Translations

Straker Translations is a translation agency that offers high-quality, professional translations in over 200 languages.

They are a full-service agency that provides translation, interpretation, and voiceover services. They have offices in the US, Canada, and the UK.

These are some of the best-paying agencies in the industry.

These are some of the best-paying translation companies in the industry.

  • CTS LanguageLink

  • TransPerfect

  • Welocalize

  • Lionbridge

  • SDL Interact Global (SDL) was founded in 1993 as an independent localization service provider offering a range of language services, including consulting, translation, quality assurance, and testing. It has over 40 offices across 20 countries and serves over 700 clients worldwide.

  • Lingo24 is a leading provider of language services for enterprises worldwide, with more than 60 employees spread across its headquarters in Hamburg,

Germany and client centers in New York City, Boston, Paris, and Vienna (Austria).


We hope we've given you a good overview of the different types of translation companies and some information on finding the right one for your needs. Many factors go into choosing a translation agency, including rates, services offered, and experience level. Now it's up to you which one will best suit your specific project or type of document.


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