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How to make money as an artist on Instagram and social media


How does one become an artist that garners a following? Some artists have galleries to help them display their art to millions of visitors annually. Others have sold thousands of art pieces on websites like Fine Art America. Whatever your case may be, you can use social media to reach people worldwide. Will Talk in this blog about How To Make Money As An Artist.

Instagram is a great place to share your art with thousands of people while making some good money simultaneously.

I Learned How To Make Money As An Artist - Here's What I Learned

  1. Define Your Brand

  2. Maintain Consistency

  3. Find a Niche

  4. Leverage Existing Relationships

  5. Take Advantage of Shout Outs

  6. Curate a Strong Portfolio That's Easy to Share

  7. Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

  8. Don't Be Afraid to Make Deals and Discounts.

  9. Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

  10. Offer Multiple Options for People

Define Your Brand

The First Step on How To Make Money As An Artist is defining Your Brand. You need to know what kind of art you want to make, what you want to be known for, and how these things will connect with your audience. Make sure your brand matches who you are as an artist by being authentic and consistent in everything you do. You should be able to answer the question "Why?" when people ask why they should follow or buy your work.

Maintain Consistency

This is a big one! Consistency is essential in all aspects of social media:

  • Consistent posting helps build trust among your followers, who will be more likely to engage with you and return if they know there's a constant stream of new content.

  • Consistent content helps create your brand, which gives you a distinct voice and adds value to the community you're trying to build.

  • Consistent posting habits help grow an audience that's familiar with what you do and interested in it on an ongoing basis.

Find a Niche

The first step to making money as an artist is finding a niche. A niche is a specific area of focus for your art, such as pets, fashion, or food.

Don't be afraid to be precise with your place because it will help you focus on what you are good at,

creating and assisting people in finding the type of art they are looking for when they search in Instagram's Explore tab or browse through Facebook advertising options.

When choosing a particular niche, keep these things in mind:

  • Find something you're passionate about so you'll enjoy creating and sharing content with others.

  • Choose something relevant to skills and interests that aren't too broad (like "art") but also not too narrow (like "watercolor").

  • Make sure there's enough demand for what you create so that when customers search online, they can easily find your work without looking hard enough first!

Leverage Existing Relationships

Find people already following you and ask them to promote your work. These are the first people to consider because they already have a vested interest in what you do. They will be more willing to share your work than someone unfamiliar with you or your work. In turn, their followers may become interested as well and follow you.

Additionally, find people with large followings that could benefit from promoting your art or products. The more followers they have, the more likely their content will show up on the feed of other users (especially if those users have a similar taste).

Take Advantage of Shout Outs

The Next On How To Make Money As An Artist is Take Advantage of Shout Outs . Let's say you're a ceramic artist and want to get your work in front of more people. One way to do that is by posting photos on Instagram, but what if you could also reach out to other artists with a similar audience as yours? Like most things in life, it's all about relationships—shoutouts are an effective way to build those. You may not know the person doing the shoutout.

Still, when they see how much engagement your post got and how many new followers you've gained because of it,

they'll be curious enough about the quality of your work that they might want their own piece!

When asking for a shoutout from another artist, make sure it's reciprocal; ask them first if they would like a shoutout from you. It will keep things even between both parties!

Curate a Strong Portfolio That's Easy to Share

  • Be selective. Only include work that best represents your brand and the kind of visual storytelling you want to share with the world.

  • Make sure it's easy to share.

Your portfolio should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to promote you on social media, so make sure that it's appropriately branded (with a website URL or a watermark) and easy for people to find.

Consider using an online platform like Behance or Dribbble if you're looking for more visibility on other people's profiles as well as yours;

they tend to have better SEO than Instagram itself, which means they'll show up higher in search results—and getting found by new audiences is what this whole thing is all about!

  • Use something easy-to-share. If there are times when you don't want someone else sharing your work (for example, if there are risqué elements), set permissions so no one can copy-paste it anywhere without your permission first

Emphasize Quality Over Quantity (Especially at First)

In summary, quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb. Quality wins out in this business, especially if you're starting as an artist on Instagram and social media. So don't feel you need to make a new post every hour or two hours. If you can only manage one post daily, that's fine—just keep it up! As your following grows, you will have more opportunities to post more often (and thus make more money).

Don't Be Afraid to Make Deals and Discounts.

If you want to make money as an artist, don't be afraid to make deals.

Don't be frightened to give discounts.

Don't be scared of asking for help and referrals. If a customer is willing to pay for something, don't pass up that opportunity just because the sale might not seem worth the time or effort.

Instead, use this chance as an opportunity to get your name out there even further and build up some goodwill with customers who may end up being lifelong customers or even referrers themselves!

Don't forget that sometimes giving someone something free is one of the best ways of getting them on board with whatever it is that you're trying to sell them later on down the line (so long as it's not illegal).

And don't think about this only in terms of physical items; remember that sometimes freebies can come in other forms too - such as social media promotions, discounts at certain times during certain seasons, etc.,

So always consider those options when thinking about how else they might benefit from helping promote other creators' work either online or offline through word-of-mouth referrals from friends/family members who saw what was happening firsthand but didn't necessarily know where things came from initially.

It doesn't matter if these people were directly involved either way; all anyone needs to know about any given situation is whether or not something seems trustworthy enough based upon how well received everything else has been before now...and since nothing lasts forever anyways (especially when it comes down.

Add Links to Your Instagram Stories (or Use Link in Bio Effectively)

  • A link to your website or a landing page that lists your work. Your website is where people will go if they want more information about you and your work, so it's essential to include a link to it in each of your posts on Instagram.

  • A link to your Instagram profile. When people click on the link in this section on Instagram, they'll be taken directly to your profile page, where they can view all of the photos and videos you've posted there.

This can be useful if you only want them to see certain things or would like them to come back for more content later down the road. Otherwise, it may confuse people just trying to learn more about what you do as an artist (but not necessarily how).

  • A link to email address: When someone clicks on this section of an image within Instagram Stories​ (and other platforms), he/she will be taken directly into his/her email account with some text already written out asking him/her questions about why he/she clicked on that particular image in the first place; this text includes links at the bottom which lead directly back into Instagram stories! It's like magic...

Offer Multiple Options for People to Work With You or Buy Your Artwork

Offer multiple options for people to work with you or buy your artwork. Make it easy for them to buy your work by offering a variety of sizes, prices, and ways to purchase. The more choices they have, the more likely they will be able to find something that fits their budget and needs.

Time spent defining your brand, choosing a niche that works for you, creating high-quality artwork, and utilizing social media tools can be an investment in your future.

Check out our blog post if you are looking for more ways to sell your artwork online.

What is a brand? A brand is your identity. It's how you want people to perceive and remember you, either as an artist or a business. Your unique style, values, and purpose are all part of what makes up your brand's identity.

When it comes to making money on Instagram and social media, understanding how to build a successful brand will help you make more sales by connecting with customers in new ways that align with their interests. When thinking about building an audience online, consider the following questions: who are my target audience members? What do they like? What attracts them to my artwork? Where do they hang out online so I can connect with them there too?

Once we have figured out who we want our target audience members to be (and where), we can build content around those people so that when they see our work for sale on Instagram/social media (or anywhere else), it resonates with them because it fits into their interests or personality type.

For example:

"If I'm selling abstract art prints, then maybe someone who likes bright colors would appreciate my artwork more than someone who prefers muted tones." This idea could also extend to what kinds of subject matter appeal most strongly, so if someone likes nature scenes, I might create some animal-themed design!

We don't necessarily need everyone, for there still be enough demand overall within our niche community; however, having broader appeal means there may be less competition in terms of "who's buying" compared to other similar artists whose work tends toward specific demographics/(sub-)genres only, which could mean fewer sales overall despite both artists having similar numbers overall due only one catering specifically.


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