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27+ Best Lifestyle Blog Examples 2023

Lifestyle blog

As someone who writes about lifestyle and travel, I'm always on the lookout for inspirational examples from other bloggers. This allows me to better understand how others approach online content creation and inspire me to improve my work (and get more people to read it). Below are 27 blogs that have been successful in this space. These examples give you an idea of what makes a blog successful and fun to read.

The Mom Pledge

The Mom Pledge is a lifestyle blog that focuses on living a happy and healthy life. The Mom Pledge encourages its readers to make positive changes, explore their passions, and discover answers to questions about life. One of the main goals of this blog is to help people find happiness by making small changes in their lives.

The Mom Pledge was started by designer Heather Robertson in 2008 as a way for her family to change the world through positive actions. Since then, it's been used as an example of how some of the best lifestyle blogs are created by individuals who want to share their experiences with others through blogging (or any other medium).

The Happy Whistler

The Happy Whistler is a blog dedicated to helping people live a healthier and happier life. The blog focuses on lifestyle topics such as healthy living, food, travel, and self-development.

The Happy Whistler was started by one woman who overcame cancer in 2019 and wanted to help others do the same using her experience with food and nutrition as well as her background in psychology.

The content on this site is high quality and relevant for readers looking for information about any of the topics mentioned above.

Busy Budgeter

Busy Budgeter is a blog about saving money and budgeting. The blogger shares tips on how to save money and budget and provides advice on being frugal. Busy Budgeter posts content related to making the most of your money by spending less, saving more, and finding creative ways to do both. The blogger provides helpful information on spending less - whether it's shopping, eating out, or traveling. She also has advice on saving money on bills such as insurance and electricity.

The site is well-organized with an easy-to-navigate homepage that displays all her latest posts across multiple categories like personal finance (saving & investing), lifestyle (cooking), or travel (on a budget).

Busy Budgeter's website design is simple but elegant, with clean lines and white space throughout the page, supported by beautiful photography, which makes it look modern yet inviting at the same time!

Wanderer in Residence

Wanderer in Residence is a travel blog that focuses on exploring different parts of the world. The blog was founded by a couple who are avid travelers and want to share their experiences with others. The blog's mission is to show people how amazing it is to travel while still being able to afford it.

The Wanderer in Residence focuses on sharing photos, stories, and tips regarding travel; however, they also have an extensive section where you can purchase products related to your travels (e.g., luggage). Their content ranges from simple posts about taking trips with friends or family members to more complex ones about visiting exotic locations around the globe. They tend toward shorter pieces since they have few contributors now; however, once they expand their team, more long-form content will likely come out soon!

A Practical Wedding

The Practical Wedding is a blog that helps you plan your wedding on a budget. It has articles on wedding planning, etiquette, and DIY projects. It also has a section on wedding photography.

You can find tips on how to choose the best photographer for your needs and get great discounts on their services. The article also tells you how to save money with professional photographers by using them for engagement shoots instead of hiring them for both events in one go.

Savvy Cyber Kids

Savvy Cyber Kids is a parenting blog that focuses on online safety. The blog is written by a mother who understands the importance of teaching kids about online safety, and it features tips and tricks for keeping your children safe when using social media platforms.

As the world becomes more connected, parents must educate their children about staying safe online. Savvy Cyber Kids was created by parent blogger Emily McCombs who wanted to share her knowledge with other parents so they could learn how to talk with their kids about staying safe in this new digital age.

The Parenting Junkie

The Parenting Junkie

The Parenting Junkie is a blog that provides tons of parenting tips. It has articles, videos, and podcasts. There are also forums where you can ask questions to other parents and get answers from experts.

The Parenting Junkie's site also has resources available for you to use when raising your child. You can find books on Amazon that have titles such as "The Sensitive Toddler" or "How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen."

Believe I Am

Believe I Am

You have the power to change your life. You can do anything you want; anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. Don't let them get in your way of believing that.

You are capable of doing great things with your life. You're more powerful than you think—it's just a matter of believing in yourself and having faith that everything will work out for the best if only you keep going forward, even when it feels like everything is falling apart around you.

Don't let fear or doubt hold you back from making changes or taking chances on new opportunities; instead, push forward with confidence and optimism that good things will come as long as they align with what's right for YOU!

The Well Essentials

The Well Essentials

The Well Essentials is a lifestyle blog that focuses on healthy living and travel. It offers an array of articles for its audiences, including those looking to improve their health, gain knowledge about different lifestyles, or find interesting things to do in their area.

The Well Essentials has been featured in Huffington Post and Healthline. The blog's writer is a registered dietitian who also holds certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). They write about topics ranging from nutrition to exercise and review products such as food items or workout gear.

From Dates to Diapers

From Dates to Diapers is a blog about motherhood, marriage, and everything in between. The site was started by a couple who wanted to share their experiences with other parents. As they put it on their About page: "We write about parenting, marriage, and relationships."

The blog publishes new articles every Wednesday. The topics cover everything from advice on how to deal with tantrums or sibling rivalry to stories of birthdays gone wrong (or right). Their writing style is conversational and friendly—you feel as if you're getting advice from a friend over coffee instead of reading an article written by someone you don't know at all.

All the Places Life Will Take You

While this blog is about travel, it's not just a list of places to visit or reviews of hotels and restaurants. Instead, you can learn all sorts of interesting things about each place, like how to get there and where to stay. There are also lots of personal stories that show what it was like to live in those places—it's not just a guidebook but also part memoir and part photo album. If you have an interest in seeing the world but don't know where to start, this is a great resource!

Budgeting Is Sexy

When we say that, we don't mean what you do in the morning before work to ensure you have enough money to pay your bills. We mean it in a good way.

Why? Because budgeting can be one of the most empowering things, you do as an adult. When you see how much money is coming in, where it goes, and how much is left over at the end of each month—you gain clarity on what works for your lifestyle and what doesn't. And when that happens, something magical happens: You can make decisions based on what will make you happy rather than how much something costs or what other people think about it.

A Clean Bake

A Clean Bake

Clean Bake is a lifestyle blog that focuses on clean eating, healthy recipes, and natural beauty. The author of A Clean Bake is also the founder of this blog, which was started in 2012.

The purpose of this website is to share healthy recipes with the community. The main focus of every post on this site is to promote a clean lifestyle by providing information about how to make healthier choices in regard to diet, exercise, and other aspects such as sleep hygiene.

There are over 100 recipes available on this site for readers who want to begin following a cleaner routine but aren't need help figuring out where to start!

The New York Times

The New York Times is a newspaper published in New York City. It is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States by circulation and has won 125 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper.

The New York Times started as a weekly newspaper on September 18, 1851, under the name The New York Daily Times. In 1852 it was renamed The New York Times. In 1914, Henry Raymond bought it for $75 million (which would be over 1 billion dollars Today). He sold off the afternoon edition of his paper and renamed it The New York Evening Telegram to compete with Joseph Pulitzer's World (which later became The World).

In 1918 he bought back his old title from Scripps-Howard and merged it with their own morning paper called "The Morning Telegraph" (the first issue was released on July 29). They also had an evening edition called "Sunday Herald," but this also folded after only three months due to low sales figures compared to other titles such as "New York Journal American," which had been founded in 1924 but folded after only eight years due mainly due its lack of readership outside Manhattan).

Whole Living

Whole Living is a lifestyle blog for people who want to live, eat, and feel well. It's about healthy living, wellness, and green living. The blog is written by the editors of Whole Living magazine.

Themes include Wellness - recipes and advice on how to be healthy; Cooking - how-to guides for making delicious meals; Food - articles on sustainable food production; Nature - tips for reconnecting with nature; Travel - destination tips from around the world; Beauty - tips on looking great without makeup or plastic surgery (it's possible!).

Tony Robbins Blog

Tony Robbins Blog

The Tony Robbins blog is a great example of a lifestyle blog. This is because it covers a wide range of topics, including health, personal development, motivation, and finance.

The site's founder is an American self-help author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life coach who has helped thousands of people achieve their goals through his books and seminars. He has also appeared on Oprah Winfrey's Show four times!

Tony Robbins' lifestyle blog shares his passion for helping others live fuller lives by inspiring them to take action to create positive change in themselves and others around them. The main goal behind this website is for all its readers to be inspired by Tony's teachings so that they can reach their full potential in life.

Daily Worth

Daily Worth is a great example if you're looking to start a blog about money, career, and life. The blog is written by Amanda Steinberg, founder and CEO of It's a resource for women to learn how to make their money work for them.

Daily Candy.

Daily Candy is a lifestyle blog that covers food, entertainment, and fashion. It was founded in 1999 by Petra Kolber and Maribel Lieberman. The site was acquired by IAC Publishing in May 2001, who then sold it to Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp (IAC) for $34 million two years later. In 2018 DailyCandy was acquired by Time Inc for $125 million.

DailyCandy provides its readers with daily updates on trends, events, and news from around the world. They also feature recipes from chefs and tips on preparing healthy meals at home or on the go!

Tim Ferriss Blog

Tim Ferriss Blog

The Tim Ferriss blog is one of the most popular blogs on the internet. Tim Ferriss is a best-selling author and entrepreneur who has been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Wired, and Fast Company for his work on lifestyle design.

He has written four books: "The 4-Hour Workweek" (2007), "The 4-Hour Body" (2010), and "And Tools of Titans," which was released in 2016 and became an instant New York Times bestseller. "Tribe of Mentors" was published in December 2018. His work has been translated into more than 30 languages worldwide.

The Minimalists

The Minimalists is a blog about living with less. The blog is run by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, two men who decided to get rid of all their stuff and start over. They now live in small houses on opposite ends of the country and spend their time traveling, speaking at conferences, writing books, and helping others simplify their lives through minimalism.

The majority of the content on this site consists of posts written by Millburn or Nicodemus—often accompanied by photos taken during their travels—, but there are also guest contributors who share how they've applied minimalism in their own lives. There are also occasional interviews with other people who practice minimalism, including Tim Ferriss (author) and Leo Babauta (Zen Habits).

Zen Habits

  1. Zen Habits is a blog about simplicity, mindfulness, and habit formation.

  2. The blog is written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, who has been blogging since 2004.

Zen Habits is a great example of an effective lifestyle blog because it's well-written and organized in an easily accessible format that appeals to a wide audience (those interested in simplifying their lives). In fact, the site's tagline reads: "Simple ideas for living simply." Its author also posts new articles daily—with no ads—on topics like organization tips, goal-setting strategies, fitness routines, recipes for healthy eating, and more!

Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life

The content on this blog is focused on providing tips and tricks to improve your life. This can be anything from organizing your home, cleaning up after yourself, or even the best way to get through traffic jams. The author of this lifestyle blog has been writing since 2013 and has a strong following of readers who have found her helpful advice useful in their lives.

Readers are able to subscribe via email or social media channels, so they don't get all new posts that come out each week!

Jonathan Fields' Blog

Jonathan Fields is a speaker and author with a blog that covers the intersection of psychology, business, and spirituality. He's also a former executive turned life coach and best-selling author.

The site presents as much as it can without being overwhelming; only a few images distract from what you're reading, but they are engaging enough to encourage you to click through. The design makes it easy to read through each post without having to scroll too far down the page when you want to go back up again (we all know how frustrating that can be).

Brain Pickings by Maria Popova

Brain Pickings is a curated list of interesting things that catch Maria Popova's attention from the worlds of art, science, and culture. Her goal: To illuminate the overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood.

Popova is a writer, editor, and publisher. She writes about creativity, curiosity, and culture for Wired UK; Big Think; The Atlantic; Harvard Business Review Blog Network; Psychology Today; Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide; Brain Pickings (thought catalog); Medium; The Creativity Post (CreativeMornings/TED); Fast Company Co.Design Online Magazine; Huffington Post Blogs; Ideas42 blog; Psychology Today blogs, etc.

Popova has been featured at TEDxBroadway 2016 & 2014, TEDxYouth@SanDiego 2014, as well as guest-blogged for The Atlantic's "The Atlantic Daily" section before creating her own column called "Brainpickings."

She has also appeared on NPR's On Being with Krista Tippett, WNYC Radio New York Public Radio's Open Source program hosted by Christopher Lydon, and CBC Canada's Q Radio program hosted by Jian Ghomeshi.

Tiny Buddha

If you're looking for some inspiration, Tiny Buddha is a great place to start. With a focus on personal growth and spirituality, this blog has been around since 2008. It was founded by a group of friends who wanted to create a space where people could share their personal experiences and find support from others.

Together they've built up one of the top 10 blogs in the world, with millions of readers every month!

  1. Gaiam Blogs | A Lifestyle Resource for Mind, Body & Sustainability - Health, Fitness, Personal Growth, Eco-Living, and Conscious Business News & Wisdom from the Gaiam Community of Experts and Contributors

With such a long name, you would expect the Gaiam Blogs to be an extensive resource for all things related to lifestyle. And indeed it is! The health section has articles on losing weight, which foods to eat for weight loss, how to exercise, and more. There are also sections dedicated to personal growth, eco-living, and conscious business news & wisdom from the Gaiam community of experts and contributors.

Having a lifestyle blog is like having a big online photo album with articles!

If you're looking to start a blog, let's know what other blogs are doing to get attention.

In this article, we're going to look at 27+ best lifestyle blog examples for inspiration and ideas.

I'll also show you why lifestyle blogs are so popular in the first place and how they can help you start building your own successful business!


Do you have a lifestyle blog? What are the most important ways to make sure it's successful? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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