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Start freelancing: the ultimate guide 9 steps

Example of most demand skills and Salary.

1. Get the right equipment for your needs.
2. Find a Skill You Can Sell
3. Polish Up Your Skills
4. Build Your Reputation
5. Create A Portfolio
6. Try Freelancing Part-Time First
7. Choose Your Platform Wisely
8. Price Your Products Right
9. Deliver More Than Is Expected

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Freelancing is an opportunity to make money and have a career on your terms. If you're thinking about becoming a freelancer but don't know where to start, then this is the guide for you. In 9 steps I'll show you exactly what you need from the very beginning.

1. Get the right equipment for your needs.

When you are looking to get started freelancing, the first thing that you will need to think about is how to construct your business. A crucial part of that is figuring out which equipment and tools you will need to work effectively from home and not let your business get in the way of your productivity.

2. Find a Skill You Can Sell

To start freelancing, you need to find yourself a skill you can sell. What talent do you have that people might be willing to pay for? Whether it's design or something else, figure out what you're good at and use that skill to get early clients in the door.

It's great to start freelancing, but where do you start? Creatively everywhere. The best way to find your freelance niche is to start with an extensive list of questions like: -What do I love to do? -What skills do I have that others will pay for? -What challenges am I facing that others can help me solve

Example of most demand skills:

Freelance translator
$346 per day
Freelance consultant
$999 per day
Freelance copywriter
$25.73 per hour
Freelance designer
$35.40 per hour
Freelance artist
$39.53 per hour
Freelance writer
$42.94 per hour
Freelance captioner
$50.22 per hour
Freelance website designer
$74,460 per year
The freelance social media manager
$80,439 per year
Freelance software developer
$94,345 per year

3. Polish Up Your Skills

To succeed as a freelancer, you need to polish your marketing and sales skills. On the other hand, if you're not looking for more work but want to break your blogging routine with some tips on making money as a blogger, I have that covered.

How do you get ahead of your competition in the job market? Stand out from the crowd. Polish up your skills and gain experience outside of class by working on projects that will help you land a significant position in the future.

4. Build Your Reputation

An online reputation is essential if you are trying to grow your business and build trust with your customers. Having a positive online presence benefits you and helps your customers.

5. Create A

A portfolio is one of the best tools for showing prospective employers your skills and getting hired. Creating a portfolio is essential for any college student and recent graduate. Your portfolio needs to contain a healthy mix of work samples, certifications, and other credentials that show you have the skills you claim to have. You should complete your portfolio by the time you start applying for jobs, as it can significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

6. Try Freelancing Part-Time First

Many people who consider freelancing believe that it's a full-time job. Freelancing is, in fact, flexible and can be done on a part-time basis as you gradually transition from full-time employment to freelance.

Before you decide to quit your job, you need to try freelancing in different areas until you find what suits you.

7. Choose Your Platform Wisely

You're not alone if you're looking for the right freelance platform. It's hard to sort through all the businesses online, so it can be challenging to find the right one. This is because it's a big decision and your needs are unique. I've tried a lot of different platforms myself, and my own needs have changed along the way. Below, I'll outline a few Freelance platforms that I've tried or researched instead of throwing you in at the deep end.

Choosing a freelancing website to help you find freelance clients has become more complex with many options. Freelance marketplace platforms make it easy for freelancers to find new opportunities, but finding the right platform for your needs can be challenging. I've reviewed top platforms that are currently available and will give you an inside look into what's known today beyond just Upwork.

8. Price Your Products Right

Charging the right price for your product or service is not just about putting a number in front of a currency symbol. You can trust more by knowing how to set your price.

The truth is, clients, don't care about how much time you spend on their projects. They care about what they paid for the project and what they get from it. If you can prove incremental impacts and ROI for your client and charge accordingly, your relationship with them will be stronger.

9. Deliver More Than Is Expected

Deliver beyond expectations. This is one of the fundamental principles of doing business taught in business school. But how many of you are doing this? How many of you set high enough expectations that can be delivered? As a whole, it seems like companies and employees prioritize "good enough" over everything else. This has become the norm, and there doesn't seem to be a remedy. Businesses will continue to deliver mediocre products and services as long as they don't get complaints at the scale necessary to instigate change.


Freelancing is an amazing way to make a living but it involves a ton of self-discipline. The freelance economy is growing massively, not just in the design industry but across all industries. Take the plunge and try freelancing with one of the 9 steps in this guide.


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