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Tips on getting clients for freelance work

Tips on getting clients for freelance work


Being a freelancer is a tricky business. First, you must hustle hard to find clients and build your name in the marketplace. But don't worry! We've compiled some of our best tips on getting clients for freelance work so that you can make those dollars rain down like a monsoon in Mumbai.

Offer to do some unpaid work that could lead to paid employment.

Offering unpaid work that could lead to paid work is a great way to get clients. This shows the client that you are a good fit for the job, and after seeing your work and getting feedback on it, they will probably be willing to pay you.

It's also important not just because this helps get clients but because it helps establish trust with them too. You can use this opportunity to build a relationship with your potential new client so they feel comfortable working with you on future projects or referring other people who need similar services.

Find out what your competitors are doing.

The best way to figure out how to help yourself is to see what your competitors are doing. If you want clients for freelance work, you must get a sense of the following:

  • What their strategies are

  • How they're promoting themselves and their services

  • What are their prices (and whether or not they're competitive)

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the business as a whole, including any customer reviews or social media accounts

There's no point in reinventing the wheel if plenty of good options are already out there. So instead, figure out what works best for your competitors, and then try to build upon that foundation with your ideas and techniques.

Be a trailblazer

You're a trailblazer, a trendsetter, and willing to take risks. But you're also a leader and a pioneer who doesn't mind being the first person on the scene with new ideas or solutions. As a result, you don't just build other people's businesses—you make yours too!

You need to be an entrepreneur to succeed as a freelance worker in the modern world. So if you don't have any business skills, it's time for some severe self-development: learn about marketing yourself and your services, learn about selling, and learn about operations—all of which will help define how successful at freelancing you are going to be. But even before all that comes into play...

Use job boards like Upwork or ProBlogger to build your name.

Use job boards like Upwork or ProBlogger to build your name.

You can use job boards to find clients, but they're also invaluable for building your name. Unfortunately, many freelancers only use job boards to get started and generate leads.

These sites charge fees for posting jobs, and some even take 10% of the freelancer's fee!

However, suppose you want to start freelance writing quickly and need more time or money to spend on networking events and meetups. In that case, it might be worth signing up for one of these sites.

Leverage social media and blogging to promote yourself.

You can use your blog and social media to promote yourself. Your website should also have a link to your portfolio so that people can see examples of your work before they hire you.

Social media is straightforward for potential clients to learn more about who you are and what you can do as a freelancer. Therefore, it's important to share images, videos, and articles that showcase your skills in different areas: video editing, photography, graphic design, etc.

You can get clients for freelance work if you try several different strategies.

To get clients for freelance work, you can try several different strategies at once. These can be used separately or together in any combination. For instance, you might be using one method with one client and another system with a different client. You might also use one tactic in one area of your business and another in another.

Moreover, no rule says all the strategies have to happen at once—you may need to try them over time before finding the ones that work best for you!


This list helps you out with your freelance business. If you have any other ideas to share, please feel free! The tips in this post can help you get your foot in the door and put more clients on your calendar. Remember, this is an ever-changing industry, and more "tricks of the trade" may not be discovered yet. But for now, follow these tips and share them with other freelancers looking for work to help grow their businesses. Who knows? You'll even be offering these tips to others one day!


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